Building local capacity in the oil and gas sector

The Industry Enhancement Center Story: Empowering Ugandans for Success in the Oil and Gas Sector

Jimmy D. Mugerwa, a key figure in Uganda’s oil and gas sector, while speaking at the 9th oil and gas convention 2024 at Serena Hotel Kampala shared an inspiring narrative about the Industry Enhancement Centre (IEC Uganda), a pivotal initiative aimed at empowering Ugandans to excel in this burgeoning industry. Mugerwa highlighted the journey from recognizing the need for skills development to the establishment of IEC under TotalEnergies’ leadership.

Reflecting on the industry’s evolution over the past 12 years, Mugerwa recalled a critical baseline survey that underscored the imperative for Ugandans to upskill and participate meaningfully in the oil and gas sector. Fast forward to the present, and TotalEnergies has taken a significant step by establishing the IEC, with Zoramu leading the charge in its setup.

Located in Kololo, Ngabo Road, the IEC serves as a hub for disseminating crucial information and publicizing tenders within the oil and gas sector. Mugerwa emphasized the importance of this platform, revealing that funds have been allocated to train at least 900 individuals—an initiative deserving applause for its commitment to capacity building.

One of the key services offered by IEC is hosting gold supplier forums. Mugerwa highlighted the critical role these forums play, especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) looking to prepare for opportunities in the oil and gas sector. Attending these forums equips SMEs with essential knowledge, insights, and networking opportunities that are instrumental for success.

Additionally, Mugerwa discussed a forthcoming program at IEC focused on business diagnostics. This program aims to assist entrepreneurs in areas such as financing, ensuring that their projects are viable and attractive to potential investors. The ultimate goal is to help individuals and businesses develop bankable projects that can thrive in the competitive landscape of the oil and gas sector.

From a benefits perspective, Mugerwa highlighted that IEC offers participants access to knowledge, networks, and financing opportunities—key pillars for success in any industry, particularly one as dynamic as oil and gas. What sets IEC apart is its sector-led approach, making it a unique and valuable resource for individuals and businesses seeking to navigate and excel in Uganda’s oil and gas sector.

Looking ahead, Mugerwa teased themed workshops and collaborative sessions planned at IEC. These initiatives will further enhance skills, foster collaboration, and drive innovation within the industry, positioning Ugandans for long-term success and sustainability in the evolving oil and gas landscape.

The IEC story is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and investment in human capital. By providing essential resources, training, and networking opportunities, initiatives like IEC are instrumental in unlocking the full potential of individuals and businesses in Uganda’s oil and gas sector, ultimately contributing to national development and economic growth.

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