Building local capacity in the oil and gas sector

Embracing Equitable Energy Transition: Insights from the 9th Annual Oil and Gas Convention in Uganda

Amidst the global buzz surrounding the energy revolution, Uganda finds itself at a pivotal moment, as highlighted by Philippe Groueix, the General Manager of TotalEnergies Uganda. The atmosphere at the 9th Annual Oil and Gas Convention in Kampala Serena Hotel crackles with energy as stakeholders come together to discuss the vital role of Uganda’s oil and gas sector in driving an equitable energy transition.

The convention buzzes with excitement around the theme of fairness and inclusivity. Ernest Rubondo, the Executive Director of Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU), passionately advocates for bridging regional disparities, ensuring that no one is left behind in this transformative journey.

Dr. Elly Karuhanga, Chairman of Uganda Chamber’s Board of Trustees, confronts doubts head-on, acknowledging media skepticism while championing responsible resource management. His call to seize the sector’s opportunities electrifies the audience.

Hon. Dr. Ruth Nankabirwa electrifies the audience with insights from global platforms like COP 28, advocating for a pragmatic “phasing down” of fossil fuels rather than an abrupt “phasing out.” Her vision for energy integration resonates powerfully.

Day one showcases groundbreaking initiatives like TotalEnergies’ Industry Enhancement Center, celebrated by Dr. Nankabirwa for its gender-sensitive approach, symbolizing a broader commitment to diversity.

The convention’s diverse attendees, from policymakers to investors, highlight the collaborative spirit needed for success. As the event approaches its climax, a palpable sense of optimism and determination pervades, marking a clear path toward sustainable growth in Uganda’s energy landscape.

The 9th Annual Oil and Gas Convention in Uganda epitomizes dynamic dialogue, collaboration, and unwavering dedication to an inclusive energy revolution. It ignites the fire for a future where economic prosperity harmonizes with environmental stewardship, setting a thrilling course for Uganda’s energy journey.

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